Spiders and Cherries {Vaughn Lately}

The other morning Vaughn found a feather from our down comforter under our bed. He ran to me, and said "look mommy a SPIDEW" with his wide and excited blue eyes. He took care of his pet spider all day long. He sang to it, put it down for a nap, tried to feed it a dried plum (which he called a cherry all day long) and even tried to nurse it.
It was fun to be sucked into his little world for a while. I love this little boy a whole lot.

He loves animals. He is taking care of them all day long-- the real ones and all his little animals around the house. Here is a picture of a cat that followed us home from our walk the other day. Vaughn was so excited about it, and I wanted it to stick around a while longer, so we fed it some milk and chicken. Vaughn cried and cried when the cat went away. He kept saying "kitty come back. Kitty come back!" I've tried and tried to convince Rick that we need a cat, but he won't budge. So I'm just going to start feeding all the strays, and then maybe he'll give in. It's almost like having a pet, and exciting to Vaughn.

Here is Vaughn nursing his monkey (one of Mason's toys). Can we say "blackmail?"
Vaughn also loves to build, build, build. He's getting really good at it. These are some of my favorite building toys he has. I have no idea what they are called, but I got them from IKEA. IKEA is one of my favorite places for kid toys and kid stuff. This little set was $8, and is very durable, fun to play with, and was worth every penny.

Here he is playing Legos with Daddy and Gampa. This is a set of Legos that Rick has had since he was a little boy. Talk about durable and worth every penny!

And who doesn't love a little finger painting? One of the great things about being a parent is that you get to do stuff that you haven't done since you were little, like playing with Legos, and finger painting.

And he of course loves anything that involves tools, trucks, and helping Daddy. Cars and trucks and trains are starting to become a new obsession for him. He loves the Cars movie, and says "voom voom" whenever he is holding anything with wheels.
This morning Vaughn got the car keys, put the correct key in the ignition, and started the car! Yikes! I knew the day would come, but I didn't expect it so soon. I ran out quickly, and Vaughn had this totally surprised/scared/excited expression on his face. I hope he doesn't figure out how to put the car into gear. I probably shouldn't have even said that.

Did I already mention that I love this little boy a whole lot?
Well, I do.