We Love This Girl

This is my cute little neighbor Kandyce. I think every Mom needs a girl like this next door. Here's a true story from yesterday:

Kandyce came over in the morning. I had been up since 2:30am with Mason, who has RSV, and just when I got him settled down, Vaughn woke up at 5am and wouldn't got back to sleep. I was tired and didn't know how I was going to get through the day. When she saw me she said, "Oh Jane, you look so tired." I told her that I was, and why I was. She then insisted that I go upstairs and take a nap, and she would take care of the kids while I slept.
Usually I wouldn't accept an offer like that. I would probably feel guilty, and not even be able to sleep, etc. etc., but I realized that she was a little angel, and I shouldn't refuse help from an angel. So I took a blissful, and much needed nap.
When I woke up, she had the kids bathed and dressed (I allow her to bathe even my baby, I trust this girl so much), she had gotten the baby to take a little nap, had Vaughn happily entertained, and my house was still clean. Some days I don't even handle things this well. This girl is amazing.
If any of you living in Vegas are looking for a wonderful babysitter, please email or call me, and I can give you her info. I know babysitters are hard to come by, and especially really good ones. Kandyce loves playing with kids, takes very good care of them, is mature and responsible, fun, and a wonderful girl, who comes from a wonderful family. She is home schooled, so she can babysit in the day (if available) or evening.

Thanks for being my angel yesterday, Kandyce. Me and the boys love you!