When Dad's Does Dinner

A few weeks ago Rick got really excited about making dinner for us. He had seen a recipe on the Food Network that he thought would be great. Usually I'm all for Rick making dinner. He's a good cook, and I'm glad to have a break, but when he explained to me what it is he wanted to make...not so for it. Captain Crunch French Toast.
I have a pretty short list of foods I really don't like and here are two that are on it:
  • Sugary breakfast cereals
  • French Toast
But I know Rick, and when he gets an idea in his head, it is best to just raise your eyebrows, shrug your shoulders, and let him have at it, because there's just no stopping him. So I watched from a distance and resolved to have my own separate dinner alongside him and Vaughn.
And so he and Vaughn worked together to create this dish, which pretty much goes like this:
  • crunch up some captain crunch in a bowl
  • mix up some eggs and milk and vanilla in a bowl (however much you usually put in there for french toast. I can't help you there-- I've never made it)
  • Dip some Texas toast or french toast bread in the milk/egg mixture, then coat it in the captain crunch
  • cook in a pan on slow heat until it's cooked through
Even though I was sure I would hate it, I decided to have a bite, just to check it out.

Yum. Yum, yum, yum.

I was shocked that it was so good. The Captain Crunch gave it a nice crunchy texture and even gave a sort of salty taste to it. I think what I hate about sugary breakfast cereals are that they are just way too sweet, and what I don't like about French toast is that it is kind of soggy, and doesn't seem to have a lot of texture to it-- but pair them together, and both problems are solved. Good flavor and texture.

I wouldn't eat this one every day, or even every week, but it was a nice fun treat. We all loved it. Try it if you like!