A year ago Vaughn talked like this . We're getting the lingo down a little better now. One thing hasn't changed much in regards to talking-- he doesn't ever stop. Whenever it gets quiet in our house I get very nervous because aside from him sleeping, he has either gone and done something dreadful that will probably destroy something in our house (or take very long to clean up), or he is dead.
All joking aside, I love to hear his jibber-jabber. It's so fun to be able to hear his train of thought. He is so full of ideas and imagination.

The video quality is terrible, and it's long, but it gives you a glimpse of our little guy. He still is replacing the T in Truck with an F-- that or he has picked up my potty mouth (I'll let you be the judge). I also love when he says words that second letter is an l he adds a syllable to it (ex: black becomes ba-lack, Blake becomes Ba-lake etc.).