Emett Zion Trip, Memorial Day Weekend 2009

"The beauty of the desert is infinite. Hiding fragile secrets of life. Wrapping the soul in peace and quiet."
Picture taken by Rick from the Keyhole slot canyon

The family hanging around Grandma and Grandpa's campsite. Vaughn loved playing with his cousin Isaac, and the squirt guns that Grandma brought. He even shot a deer that was near our campsite with his. When the deer bounded off he exclaimed "Yesssssss! I got him!" We all laughed about Vaughn shooting his first deer.

Sally, Myself, and Rick. We all took a hike to emerald pools. It was beautiful. Mase was in his usual position, snuggled up next to his mama. I get so many smiles and laughs when I wear him this way. He's just a toothless smiley baby sticking out of his little pouch, happy as a clam. My little kangaroo. Vaughn was a trooper, and hiked a lot of this on his own.

Vaughn and Isaac splashing through the water at the upper Emerald Pools. He loved getting all wet. It was so nice and cool and refreshing up there.

Mase loved playing in the sand at the pools.

The whole fan-damily, minus Craig and Rebecca who are in Texas for Craig's internship. We missed them.
My family has been going to Zion every year since I can remember. When we got a little older, we started backpacking all through the park. And now it makes me happy that Zion will be a part of my children's memories as well. That they can experience the same beauty that I grew up with. I've never been to a more beautiful place than Zion.

Rick, Paul, Blake, and John did the Keyhole slot canyon on Sunday while the rest of us stayed with the babies. Rick came back with a broken finger, and all scraped up, but I think they had fun repelling, hiking and swimming through ice-cold water.
Brothers from another Mother.
Yipee! Paul, about to get very cold, and very wet.

Good times, good times.