Hooty and the Beef

A conversation we had while driving to Utah:

Vaughn: Mom. We go to Utah and I watch Hooty and the beef wif a Gamma.
Me: Hooty and the beef? What? Hootie and the blowfish?
Vaughn: No! Hooty and the beef!
Me: What's hooty and the beef?
Vaughn: HOOTY AND THE BEEF! HOOTY AND THE BEEF! Wif Elle and a beef dat say Raaaar!
Me: Oooooooh. Beauty and the Beast!
Vaughn (looking at me exasperated and like I'm an idiot): Yeah. Hooty and the beef.

It was a movie he had watched on our last visit, and watched probably 15 times more while we were there.

So it was perfect when Amanda invited us over for a delicious Sunday morning breakfast, and Claire brought out her dress ups. We could hear Claire downstairs in the playroom saying "okay I'll be Beauty and you be the beast." And upstairs they came looking all adorable.

Here was the Beauty, Belle:

And the roaring Beast:

Tale as old as time...

And while we're talking about fairy tails...

Rick asked Vaughn to tell him a story tonight while we were sitting together in the living room. Here's the story we got:

Once upon a time, der were free yittle pigs dat lived in a fowest. Der was a Mommy pig, a Pappa pig, and a baby pig. Den da big bad wolf came and he huffed...and he puffed...and he just blowed it all away! And den da free yittle pigs just got up and flew away!

And then he got up, made some flying sound effects and flew around the living room.

And we all lived happily ever after.