Kayaking, Lake Mead and Fatherhood

Early yesterday morning we loaded the kids in the car and drove to Lake Mead for a little family trip to the shore of the lake and some kayaking.

Vaughn ran right away to examine the water, the rocks, and all the shells along the shore. There were rocks laying everywhere with mussels clinging to them. The sun was just beginning to skim the surface of the lake, and I loved the way it looked all silvery and quiet.

Rick readied the Kayak for the water, and Vaughn worked alongside him. I took pictures then sat in the backseat of the car with the baby, who had just fallen asleep, enjoying the light breeze, the sound of the water lapping the shore, and the early morning sail boats gliding in the distance.

While Rick and Vaughn sat together visiting and laughing as the waves hit the kayak, I found myself humming an old primary hymn. Where love is, there God is also...

And just as the life below the surface of the water hides itself from view, I found the words, like music seems so often to do to me, revealing inner thoughts, moods and truths to me, beyond my view-- surfacing like fish. It is a song that I haven't sung in years, but I found myself thinking through the old music.

Where love is, there God is also...Where love is, we want to be...Guide us, his truths to follow...The comfort of loving arms around us, A song that makes us want to sing, The happiness we feel when love has found us, 'Tis love we get when love we bring.

I reflected on the love I share with Rick. I thought about an evening in February, two months after we started dating. I was walking my Grandma's dogs along the Jordan River parkway, the sun just setting, and Rick was several hundred miles away in Redlands working on his Masters degree.

The feeling came to me with such peacefulness and clarity that I loved Rick. I knew just as surely as that pinking sky would set and rise again the next morning that I loved him. That no matter where our relationship headed in the future, he was a person in my life that I would love forever.

Less than a year later we were married in the Bountiful temple. I remember looking at our reflections in the mirror, surrounded by the people we loved most in the world, thinking how amazing it was that not only had I gained such a wonderful husband, but his wonderful family too.

I didn't think in that moment about the beautiful children we would share. The small moments like this where I would watch him play with and hold our children, and feel so grateful to him, and somehow more in love than where we started from. I could never have imagined this beauty even if I had tried.

We enjoyed the morning taking turns kayaking, playing with, and visiting with the kids. We picnicked in the back of the blues mobile, and enjoyed our time together. Yes, here was love. Here was our bright little family clinging together like those mussels on the rocks.

So today, along with so many others, I celebrate the fathers in my life. Thank you. For everything you do. Happy Fathers Day, with love...