I don't consider myself a fashionable girl. If I had a fashion theory (which I don't really) it would be to just be the healthiest that you can be, and let your own natural beauty shine through. To accent subtly your best features. Cheesy, I know. But all the hair dye, make-up, perfume, jewelery, and accessories? A little goes a long way, in my opinion.

But then again, I'm not one to be giving fashion critique, as of late. I've been felling a bit frumpy, and in a motherly rut I guess you could say. But I've been more active, and have really been working on improving myself lately.

Occasionally though, a clothing item will speak directly to me and say "take me home. I am yours." It must be what all the more fashionable ladies do when they see a really nice pair of heals or a purse. I just think those look uncomfortable. With purses I just start picturing them loaded up with diapers, snotty wipes, crumbs from kid snacks and crumpled up receipts on the bottom, and they don't look so cute anymore.

These shoes though, have been talking to me:


Don't laugh. I love them. I have been looking longingly at them for a while now, but I can think of no good excuse though to spend the money on them. I have no birthday coming up, Mother's Day is gone, and Christmas is far far away. Maybe Mason's first birthday? Why not reward myself for having taken care of him thus far. He loves trying to eat shoes, so I'm sure he would enjoy them too.

Sigh. Wait for me sweet Simples. I'll bring you home someday.