Weekend Whatsits with the Real Good Looking Boys

Vaughn got a new hair cut given by yours truly. Really, I've improv-ed-o mucho since the baby days. Maybe it's because he's not screaming and trying to run for his life anymore when I get the scissors out.

He also got some new church clothes, which he was in desperate need of. You should have seen him last week. His pants practically came to his shins, and his shirt almost to his belly button. I laughed almost every time I looked at him. Poor kid.

I think he looks adorable, but I am completely biased of course.


Rick started a new work schedule. He works 4/10's and gets every Friday off. YAYYYYYY! It's so nice having him home for so much time on the weekends. I feel like we have so much more family time together.

This weekend we went to the Bass Pro Shop on Friday. Vaughn loved it. He was running around looking at all the boats and ATVs and especially enjoyed the stuffed animals (is that what you call the dead ones that have been stuffed?...anyway), the fish and the waterfalls. He and Rick loved looking at all the guns and knives and bows. Rick wants to get a new gun and take me shooting. I think it would be fun. I need to learn how to handle one so I can stop being afraid at night of the murderers that might come and get us.

That night we went to a ward party at the water park, and let Vaughn play in the water, launch some water balloons. We enjoyed some great food, and enjoyed a lovely evening with friends. Later that night we watched this:


It was a REALLY good documentary about the conflict in the scientific community between the teachings of Darwin and Intelligent Design. I would highly recommend it. I have it from Netflix, actually. so if any of you locally would like to borrow it, I will keep it around for a while. It was interesting, cleverly told, funny at times, had great music, and started a great conversation between Rick and I that lasted for hours. Really, no matter where you fall on this issue, I thought the important point that was raised was that within the Scientific community there are entrenched views on items, that scientists are not allowed to question. If they do, they are ostracised from their peers, and can ruin their careers. It's not just about Darwin/ID--it is about freedom of speech, about how we as a society will cripple ourselves if we can't have intelligent and open conversations about these issues. Watch it!

On Saturday we cleaned the entire house, cleaned the car out, ate snow cones together, napped, went to Cafe Rio, and then to REI. Vaughn test-rode one of the 18 inch bikes that they had with training wheels on it. He rode it all around the store. I walked behind him and couldn't believe how much of a little boy he looked like. How was my baby riding a bike around? A big kid bike!? I think it will be his 3 year old birthday present. Mason is venturing out farther and farther on his chubby little legs. He can go all around the living room now, just toddling along and smiling proudly the whole time. Too cute. I will get a video to post soon.

Today we woke up to a nice clean house, and a hot hot sun. Vegas has officially heated up. We went to church and had some yummy dinner at some friends house. The kids are sleeping, the house is quiet and I think I will go enjoy some down time...