The Claws

Here's how this new obsession started:

Rick bought some new toothpaste for Vaughn. Rick picked out Marvel comic toothpaste for Vaughn, because Rick thinks Wolverine and the X-men are super cool. The toothpaste bottle had pictures of Wolverine, the Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America, and Storm. Every time Vaughn would brush his teeth, he and Rick would talk about the different characters-- their names, what they say, and what their special powers are.

Sometimes Vaughn would walk around the house and say things like "I'm Incredible Hulk! I angry (growl), I have a green belly! I smash!" or he would point all his fingers at me, make a scowl and say "I Wolverine! I poke you with my claws!" and then growl and start stabbing me with his fingers. Clearly, Wolverine and Hulk were his favorites.

Lucky for us, a friend bought some Hulk hands for Vaughn at a garage sale. My goodness does he love those things. So Rick decided Vaughn's costume box just wasn't complete without some of these.

Here are the Wolverine claws that Rick made for Vaughn:


Here's how Vaughn felt about them:


And here is how Mason feels about them:


And this video, which has Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk? I thought Vaughn's head might explode the first time he watched it. It's his new favorite. Enjoy.