Grandma Fitz

This is my Grandma Fitzgerald, my Mom's Mom. She lived with us and took care of Vaughn for seven months before I stopped working. She was an answer to prayers, and took such good care of our baby. Vaughn, Rick, and I will always have a special place in our hearts for Grandma.


I took these pictures last time we were in Utah visiting. Even though I already had the kids strapped in their car seats, and was in a hurry to get to the next place, I just looked at my beautiful Grandma standing on her porch surrounded by her flowers, and knew that I needed to take the opportunity to take a picture of her and Vaughn.

He adores her. Talks about her every day. Sometimes even makes me pretend I'm her-- "okay Mommy, you be Grandma Fitz, and I be Nonster." I think it's so sweet that even though he may not remember her living with us, inside his heart he knows that they have a special bond, and that he loves her.


My Grandma is:
  • Beautiful inside and out. She can make anywhere she lives feel warm and loving.
  • Smart. I loved learning so much about her and her life when she lived with us. She was always reading and studying the scriptures in her free time.
  • Talented. She's an amazing seamstress, has a green thumb, and makes the best Grandma cookies, potato salad and clam chowder out there. Oh, and the laundry! Nobody (and I mean nobody) makes laundry as clean, soft, and smell as good as my Grandma. I can't think of her without thinking about the smell of soft laundry.
  • Loving. Since we lived only ten minutes away from her and my late Grandpa growing up, I have so many memories of time spent at Grandma and Grandpa's. They went to all of our special events, and have always been an active part of my life.


And all that love has carried it's way through the generation into my own family. We will be forever grateful for the love she has shared and given us.