The Mystery of the Giraffe-Cow

This giraffe came home to live with us about a year ago. Vaughn became a fast friend of the giraffe which he affectionately called "Cow."


For months Vaughn would talk to it, take care of it, climb on its back and "ride it" around the house. They were fast friends. It stood there right at the foot of his bed.

And then something strange started happening. Every time I would go into Vaughn's room, giraffe-cow would be tipped over on its side. At first, I just figured they had been playing a little too rambunctiously, and I would walk over and put the giraffe-cow in its rightful place.

But it kept happening over and over and over and over. I was starting to get a little annoyed. I would tell Vaughn that I was getting a little tired of picking up the giraffe-cow. That it wanted to be standing up. Then I would make him pick it up. But nothing changed-- the giraffe-cow would be back on its side.

Then one afternoon while I was sleeping in my room, and the boys were sleeping in their room, I woke up from my nap with giraffe-cow standing right next to my bed. Vaughn, apparently, had woken up from the middle of his nap, dragged it into my room, and then gone back to sleep. That, or giraffe-cow was tricking us all, and really had a heart and soul.

Have you ever woken up with a giant giraffe-cow staring right at you? Well I can tell you that it's not the pleasantest thing in the world. It's downright creepy, in fact.

This continued on for a few days. While Vaughn was sleeping at night or during his nap, he would wake up, drag his friend to another location in the house, and then go back to sleep. I couldn't make any sense of it. Were they not friends anymore? Was Vaughn just trying to spread the love to all the quarters of our home?

So I asked Vaughn why he kept moving his giraffe-cow out of his room, and he looked up at me with his wide eyes and said "I wake up and cow looking at me! It's WEADDY scawy. Cow looking at me. I not yike it."

Really I couldn't argue with him. I too had woken up with cow looking at me, and wanted it out of there stat. I'm just glad we cleared the mystery up.

So giraffe has a new home in our guest bedroom. Doesn't that make you want to come visit us?