Six Quirks

So I've had this tag for over a year now, and every time I start writing it, I think I sound like a slice of crazy, so I stop. But I do love reading about others quirks, so maybe you might enjoy mine. Here you go.
  1. I am suspicious of anyone who keeps birds as a pet. Now if you are reading this and happen to have a bird, or have a loved one who has a bird, please don't get offended-- I realize that this is my quirk, and has something to do with me. Don't get me wrong-- I'm glad we have birds around. I'm delighted when I see hummingbirds drinking from the honeysuckle in our yard or prancing on the back wall. I think birds are lovely creatures-- from a distance. But as a pet? A squawking, pooping, stinky, (possibly diseased) caged pet-- staring at you with its beady little eyes and always pecking, pecking, pecking. I can think of no logical explanation why someone would want one, except for they are a raving lunatic. [Side note here...I'm talking about caged birds in the house, not chickens or something like that. I know people who have chickens outside and I think it's cool. They serve a purpose-- food, eggs, etc...and they are outside] For some reason I am much more suspicious of men who own birds. We have this man in our neighborhood who rides around on his bike talking to those he meets, with a giant colorful bird on his handlebars. I won't go near the guy, and every time I've passed him walking with my kids in the stroller I always lean down and whisper to Vaughn, "Stay away from THAT guy!" I also have a theory that the more local the bird, the more crazy the pet owner. If I went into someones home who had some colorful exotic bird, I might mentally shrug my shoulders and think okay...they want something bright and exotic looking...whatever. I might feel slightly uncomfortable and find some excuse to leave, but if I went to someones house and they had, say, a seagull? I would drop whatever I had and start running in the other direction.
  2. I can look at a pile of laundry, and grab almost, and sometimes the exact amount of hangers that I'm going to need. This strange talent that I have is useful for other things too. If I can see the whole picture, I can easily mentally sort and organize things in my head. I don't know if that makes any sense-- it's hard to explain. I think it's why I'm so good at the game free cell. I have never lost a game. I think it's because I can see all the cards in front of me, and it's effortless for me to just sort them where they need to go. It's something I don't have to think about. It's the same way with hangers, or lots of other little things in my life. Too bad I didn't get the "I love to do laundry" gene. That might be more useful-- but hey! I'll take what I can get.
  3. I hate calling people. I mean really and truly despise it. Every time I call someone I get anxiety about it. This started when I was really little. I would always make my Mom call everyone for me. I made her call people for me way past the age that she should have. Finally she started making me make my own calls, but even then I would make sure that she was standing in the kitchen right before I would call. I would ask her "But what should I say?" And she would help me along. Even as an adult I get that same panic before someone answers of what should I say? I'm always afraid I'm bothering them, and feel like I should apologize for calling. And I'll almost never call someone unless I have some specific reason for it. But I love it when people call me. It makes me happy, and makes me feel loved. So if you are one of my loved ones and I never call you, I'm sorry. It's not because I don't love you. It's because I'm just a little crazy.
  4. I can't have music playing loudly, or the TV on in the background and carry on a conversation. The two compete for the exact same spot in my brain, and I start feeling like pulling out my hair. I've tried explaining this to Rick many times, because it doesn't even phase him. To me, when the radio is on in the car and I am trying to talk, I literally can't think. It would be like putting two radios right next to each other and playing really loudly Mozart on one, and Led Zeppelin on the other. I like listening to music when I am in motion-- working out, cleaning, driving alone in a car, but not when I am talking or writing. I have no idea how people listen to music when they are doing homework or reading. I would accomplish nothing.
  5. I asked Rick what my quirks are and he said "You refuse to have a junk drawer," so I had to include that. It's been a source of mild discontent, and some lengthy debates. Rick says it's Un-American to not have a junk drawer. I swear to you he said that. But I HATE junk drawers, and put my foot down, and refuse to have one now. All they do is collect crap that I have no idea what to do with, and take forever to sort out when I get around to it.
  6. I constantly have music going on in my head. This may be why #4 is one of my quirks. When I'm at home I sing all day long. It's not that I'm constantly singing-- it comes more in bursts, and when I'm at home I can just let it out. My kids love it. In public though, I of course control it, but that doesn't mean that it's not going on in my head. Sometimes it's completely inappropriate, like when they were giving a lesson about the word of wisdom at church and the Robert Cray song "Forecast (calls for pain)" came bursting into my head. "Coffee for my breakfast, shot of whisky on the side." It's like I have this little inside joke going on sometimes. Lets hope I don't damage the impulse control part of my brain. They might not allow me in church anymore.