10 Things That Make me Happy Today

  • This song that Beth told me about:

  • Having Paul and Beth, and their three beautiful kids come visit me this weekend. Watching our kids play together. Getting to visit and play with my niece and nephews, staying up late visiting with Paul and Beth. It was so nice to spend time with them and relax. Thanks for making the trip guys!
  • Playing hide and go seek with my kids yesterday. At one point I was counting to ten by the fridge and Vaughn hid one foot away from me in the pantry. I finished counting and his little toes were poking out from under the door.
  • Sleeping with my kids in the room while Rick is away. Mason is in his port-a-crib next to the bed and Vaughn curls his little hand next to mine in Rick's spot. Last night at three in the morning he started whimpering and when I asked him if he wanted a drink of water he said "I want my Batman mask," then gulped down some water I gave him and crashed back to sleep. A few nights ago in the middle of the night he blurted out "I have claws that come out of my hands so I can poke things. I smash things!" He's so funny.
  • Mason toddling around with his one tooth and big grin and funny faces. He sticks his little belly way out and arches his back and his arms just swing along.
  • Vaughn going to his first day of preschool today. Mason is sleeping and I have time to do whatever I want! I should be showering or folding laundry or running or something productive, but I just want to blog today.
  • Getting emails from Rick and hearing about the places he's going in Spain and things he is seeing.
  • Reading my new book Catching Fire. I just finished it last night. It was so good. The only downer is I have to wait a year to get the third and final book. Pity, pity.
  • Having two birthday's to look forward to this week-- Mason's first birthday tomorrow and Vaughn's third birthday on Saturday. I love to think about this time one year ago and three years ago when my body was so full and ready to meet these beautiful little baby boys of mine. I had no idea how much joy, how much fullness their little selves could bring to my life.
  • Fall creeping into Vegas. I love this time of year more than any other time. I love the weather cooling down, the shorter days, the hint of holidays around the corner, the spices in the air, the football games we cheer for, my hot tea steeping in the evening, my pile of books on the nightstand ready to curl up with me and a blanket and a cup of tea. Oh Fall, how I love you.