Working with Umple

Years ago my younger brother Blake was playing Balderdash with some friends. One of the words they had to make up a definition for was Umple. They read the pile of notepaper until they read the (made up) definition "pleasantly plump."

Little did his friends know, that the made up definition would carry itself over to our home where for years we would say things like "uhmmm...girrrrrl...you umple" in our best street imitation (which wasn't really very good since we were living in white, suburban, Mormon Utah). We didn't know what the real word meant-- and never really wanted to know since pleasantly plump was just so much more pleasant.

So for years now, as I've navigated through the changing sizes of pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and post-post-pregnancy, as I've looked in the mirror, I've tried to tell myself that I'm just umple-- it's pleasant after all, don't you know? I've tried to be grateful for the gift of this body that God has given me, and all that is able to do, and all that it will be able to do. And I am.

But the truth is that I long for long un-winded runs, for long crawls and back and breaststrokes through the pool, for bike rides through the canyon where I can let my mind fly-- and that is a hard thing to do when you are out of shape. And when you are out of shape, and have been for several years, it's hard to work your way back to that point.

So I've started a new goal:

6 miles a day
6 days a week
and no sugar for
6 months

And no, I wasn't trying to be satanic with the six's-- 5 just seemed like too few, and 7 was much too much, so six it is.

I like making goals. I take them seriously. They make me work harder-- they give me something to look toward and work for.

I realize that this may seem a little too much to a lot of you-- but really it isn't. The mileage can be split up throughout the day however I would like. I take a 3 mile walk with the boys in the morning, and in the afternoon while they are sleeping I can jump on the treadmill and jog/walk for 3 miles. We can take a hike a few times a week and that counts as mileage. And hopefully after a few months of working back into running, I will be able to increase my speed and distance in a single run.

The goal started after Rick got home from Spain. We talked about how people there just aren't overweight, and talked about why. I'm sure there are lots of reasons why-- diet a big part of it, but probably one of the biggest reasons is that because people there walk-- a lot.

And since Las Vegas isn't exactly a walking friendly city, I'm creating the opportunities for myself-- trying to carve them out of my day to promote a healthier and happier me.

And if at the end of six months I am still umple-- I really don't mind at all. As long as I feel better, I will be happy.

So here's to a new season, and new goals. May our days be umple.

Wish me luck!