All That Glitters

Last week I took another trip to the California coast. This time with a new friend of mine named Kashina. I knew within five minutes of meeting Kashina that I wanted to be friends with her. She's cute, fun, easy to talk to, takes amazing photos (the one's below are hers), has the cutest little one year old ever, is Canadian (why are all Canadians cool? I consider it one of the great mysteries of life), and is just down to earth.

We left early again, and made a day trip of it. I think day trips are the way to go, especially when you have a friend or family to go along with (and especially if that friend takes great pictures, feeds all the kids snacks the whole way, and brings her portable DVD player with lots of kid movies).

The day was beautiful. We played, we ate, we built sand castles, walked the pier, watched Seagulls inexplicably attack our baby wipes, jumped through the waves, visited, and drove back home when we were all good and worn out.

It was amazing to me how different the beach seemed in just a few weeks time. We went to the exact same spot at the exact same beach. The sand and water was flecked with what looked like gold glitter. It made everything look golden. On our last visit on Mason's birthday, there was seaweed everywhere, but not on this trip. There were fish jumping in the distance this time and plenty of fishermen on the pier. It was fun to feel the changing season even on the coast.



On the way back home we stopped in Baker California, and had a delicious dinner at The Mad Greek. The kids happily got out of the car, still slightly covered in sand, with a few snacks stuck to their behinds, and had a fun time eating gyros. The babies even fed each other French fries. I think they decided they were friends.