Picture of Vaughn at the duck pond. Taken 3/9/09

Picture of Mase at the duck pond. Taken 3/9/09

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went to the duck pond to feed the ducks. It's one of my favorite outings with the kids because we can do it year round, we enjoy the giant trees and the water, the grass, and for a small moment feel like we are not in Vegas. Of course, it does help that it is right around the corner from Cafe Rio, which serves free kids quesadillas, and has delicious tortilla soup and tostadas and salads to boot.

Going to the duck pond always reminds me of my Grandpa. He loved feeding the ducks, and we went often with him to Murray park, and enjoyed our time with him. I miss him. His cheerful "hello's!" big smiles, gum that he would always give us, stories he would always tell us, and his wavy auburn hair.

This morning while eating breakfast, Vaughn said "Oh I know Mom! I've got a good idea! I'll be a duck and you can throw me bread!" And with that he got on the floor and started quacking. How could I resist? It was his idea, and the carpet had been vacuumed recently. So we headed to the living room and I sat on the side of the pond (the couch), and Vaughn swam in the water while I threw him little bits of his leftover toast, and he retrieved them with his beak in-between quacks. Mason toddled around and grabbed pieces of toast too. The funny thing was that it really was like feeding ducks. They squabbled a bit about who got certain pieces, there was quacking, They looked at me expectantly for the next bit, and hurried off to wherever I threw the bread, and I just sat serenely on the side enjoying the show. We all laughed through a lot of it, and it kept us all entertained for quite some time.

Today the weather was so nice and the kids loved it so much yesterday, so we decided to make another trip of it. We took a couple of Vaughn's buddy's from preschool, and lined them all up in the back of the blues mobile in their car seats, Mason sitting in the front (the air bag automatically turns off if it's less than a certain weight), and headed out. It's pretty hilarious driving with three three year old boys in the backseat. We talked about all the superheroes, which toys are their favorites, had a long conversation about what kind of milk they like (chocolate and strawberry and cookie milk seemed to be the consensus), and what kind of milk they don't like (none of them like pooh-pooh milk, booger milk, diaper milk, or throw-up milk), and there was quite a debate over where Incredible Hulk lives-- is it in the dark or in a cave? We settled on that he lived in both, because a cave is dark. They seemed happy with this answer.

At the pond we fed the ducks, played tag, threw pine cones in the water, rolled down the hill and had lots of fun. I sure love all those boys. They are all toe-headed, blue eyed adorableness. And then Mase with his big brown eyes and big smile. Boys are the best. I wish I would have had my camera.