Good Stuff

I'm copying this idea from rocksinmydryer, and thought I might periodically have posts like her "good linkage" posts. I love the blogs I read, and thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite posts and products I love lately, or good ideas that I've recently learned. You know...the good stuff. So here goes:

Whole Chicken in a Crockpot--Great way to get more for your $ (and good recipes too).
Recipe Box-- This would be a great gift, or a way to spice up your kitchen.
Easy as Pie-- What an awesome thing to make for Thanksgiving, or a fun craft with your kids.
Marsupial Mama-- I loved this post. There are so many voices out there telling you how you should raise your child, but I think it's so important to listen to your instincts. To do what feels right for you.
Do You Still See Me-- This one made me cry, and made me so grateful to be a woman and for my family.

Good idea: This one's from Holli. She keeps a little pocket calender in her kitchen and keeps track of what she makes for dinner each night. That way she can easily reference past meals to get ideas, and doesn't feel like she's always making the same thing. Love it.

New favorite Product: Google Voice

Today Rick and I signed up for Google Voice. It is AWESOME! The service is free. You sign up and get assigned a phone number. It is connected to your gmail account. You can configure all your numbers to it, so that when people call you on that number, you can have it ring to as many numbers as you assign to it. So if you want whenever your friends call to go to your home number and your cell number and your work number, you can set it up that way. And if there are people you want to screen, you can have it go directly to your voicemail. Your voicemail goes directly to your inbox where you can read them (they are transcribed), and listen to them. You can also send text messages to anyone from your inbox. You can also call your number from any phone, and call from that number-- so if you need to make a long distance call you can do it for FREE. Awesome.

Go there today and request an invite. I guess it's not available to the masses yet, but trust me you'll want to sign up for this one.

And because me, Rick, and the boys just all danced upstairs to this awesome song:

That's all. Love to all from Vegas.