Laughing with Mom


My Mom is pretty much awesome.

One of my favorite things about her is that she loves to laugh-- a good hearty, and contagious laugh.  Though our humor branches off in different directions sometimes, at the core our sense of humor is really similar.

The last two visits that I've had in Utah, we have gotten into laughing fits that have brought us to tears.  Even though these might not be funny to anyone else, I want to write them down and remember laughing with my Mom.

Visit #1:

First, you have to know that my Dad's name is Vaughn, and that we named our little boy Vaughn after him.  On this visit Vaughn was in the middle of potty training.  I left him for the morning with my Mom while I did some errands.  While babysitting Vaughn, he had two accidents, which my Mom had to clean up, and take care of.

Later that afternoon, after I got back my Mom went out to lunch with two of her closest friends, JoAnn and Becky.  She started telling them about her morning and told them how exasperated she was because Vaughn had an accident in the house that morning, and that she got that all taken care of, and that he then went outside for a little while, and that he came in and had had another accident!

She later recounted to me the stunned look on her friends faces, as they (not realizing that I was in town) thought that she was talking about her husband having an accident.  "Oh no", they said at first.  "What kind of accident did he have?"  When she told them that at first it was just pee, but that the second one was #2, they looked really worried and said "Oh Bev!  What's the matter with him?"

It still makes me laugh thinking of the worried looks on their faces, and then finally the recognition on my Mom's face when she understood that they thought she was talking about her husband, and the good laugh they must have all had after.

When my Mom told me about it that evening, we laughed until we were both crying and our stomaches hurt.

Visit #2:

We were driving in my car, when suddenly Vaughn started singing the meow meow meow meow song:

The song is catchy so I started singing along with him.  My Mom started telling me about something that she had heard about how in China (or somewhere) they use music as torture, and that this is one of the songs they use to torture people.

At this point, Vaughn started yelling from the backseat that I wasn't singing it right.  He said "No.  Sing it like this!:  Meow, meow, meow..." and had a very specific way that he wanted me to sing it back to him.  I tried singing it back the way that I thought he had sung it, but every time I tried, he would yell back "No!  Like this!  Meow, meow, meow, meow..."  In vain I tried, but it was to no avail.

This lasted probably a solid 10 minutes, both of us meow-singing away, when my Mom interjected with "Well  maybe they should have Vaughn torture the prisoners with this song."  This got us both laughing so hard.  I could just imagine my little Vaughn sitting across from a Chinese prisoner yelling "No!  Do it this way!"  The room filled with meow-singing.

Vaughn the Chinese prisoner torturer.