32 Things to do before I'm 33

I'm stealing this idea from my beautiful friend Kat.  Ever since I read her post I've been making a list in my head.  I just love lists.  They are fun.  So here's mine.  I've got until December 23rd to get-er-done.
  1. Make a new friend
  2. Write Rick a love letter and leave it in an unexpected place
  3. Dance around the living room with my kids to loud music
  4. Bring some neighbors I don't know some homemade bread and introduce myself
  5. Run a race
  6. Get a cute bathing suit
  7. Throw a party
  8. Make a quilt
  9. Lay in the grass and look at the sky
  10. Be a good listener to someone who needs it
  11. Read a book about Mythology
  12. Share a poem on my blog
  13. Send out cards to my friends and family on their birthdays
  14. Learn how to make artisan bread
  15. Get our food storage organized and make sure we have a years worth
  16. Call my Grandmas more
  17. Donate to a charitable cause
  18. Take a walk by myself and allow myself as much time as I would like to wander and think
  19. Get a pedicure
  20. Take a zumba class
  21. Pay for the person in back of me at a drive-thru
  22. Do finger-painting with my kids and don't worry about the mess
  23. Make a coconut cream pie
  24. Make a super-hero costume for Vaughn
  25. Make an emergency plan and a list of supplies to have, then get them
  26. Write a story
  27. Get a pet for the kids (even a fish will suffice)
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Make a picture wall
  30. Go to a National Park that I've never been to before
  31. Keep a garden journal
  32. Sink my toes in the sand at the beach