Thoughts at Midnight

Last night I lay awake in bed lost in thought while my family slept.  I was enjoying the steady sound of rain drizzling outside and the soft quiet around me.  But I couldn't sleep.

Mostly I was thinking about how much I love being a Mom.  I was combing over memories of my children from the day-- little things that make me happy and that I don't want to forget.

Like yesterday morning when Mason woke up, not feeling well and I just let him lay his head on my shoulder for a solid ten minutes while we swayed back and forth in his room.  He put his hand down, like he always does when he's snuggling with me, searching for my hand so that he can hold hands with me at the same time.  He's the sweetest little boy.

And then Vaughn when he woke up and saw that Mason wasn't feeling good said "I know what will make him feel better Mom.  Let's make him some warm juice and some toast and get warm and toasty on the couch."  So we juiced some grapefruit and oranges and a lime with our citrus juicer that we got from Blake and Sally.  We warmed it up on the stove, and sweetened it with honey, and the three of us snuggled up together in the dim-lit living room listening to the rain patter on the window, enjoying our toast and the warmth of being all wrapped up together.

Then later in the morning I was doing a Tae Bo video downstairs, and Vaughn came running down and decided he wanted to exercise with me.  The only thing he had on was his batman mask, and some Spiderman underwear.  He followed around with me, punching and kicking and stepping away (sound effects included, like always).

Later on he took a nap next to me in bed.  In the middle of it, he woke up and looked at me with his sweet face and said "Mom.  Cookies are a snack, and oatmeal is food."  "Yes,"  I said, "you're right."  He smiled and nodded, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

And somewhere in the middle of the day, Mason came up to me with his lips puckered up saying "Uhmmmmm," his eyes half-closed ready to kiss me.  And even though he was slobbery and snotty I kissed him back.  I love him that much.

Woven into my days of chaos, among moments of play and fun, and sometimes stress and frustration, are these beautiful little moments that fill me with happiness.  That make me happy to be right where I am in our little house, with the people I love most.