What the Rock Star's Mom Learned Today

A few hours after my previous post my kids woke up from naps, still tired.

Cranky, tired, whiny.  You know-- all the good stuff that comes with kids.  They began making a complete disaster of our living room and kitchen.  Vaughn grabbed his bag of crayons and scattered them about the living room.  Mase crawled up to the table and began eating Vaughn's leftover chips and chowder from lunch.  Before I could grab him, Vaughn intervened and pulled him off himself, and chowder, chips, and baby crashed below.  Crying ensued.  I don't think I need to say that I wasn't very happy.

While I cleaned up the Mase-mess, Vaughn climbed up in the high-chair and started reaching for things on the counter.  "Get down from there Vaughn," I warned him.


"Vaughn.  Vaughn.  Vaughn.  Get down from there."


"Hey!" I told him.  "You listen to me!  Get down from there or you are going to get hurt."

Still though, he wouldn't heed my warnings.

A few moments later, our little rock star jar got knocked to the floor, the sound of shattered glass filling the living room.

The irony of having just posted a picture of this jar-of-good-deeds, and having it plummet to it's demise by the hands of the boy-who-wouldn't-listen didn't escape me.

After the glass was cleaned up and I had calmed down (I must admit regretfully that I totally lost my cool) I held a sobbing Vaughn in my arms.  I looked at his sweet little face wet with tears, and felt only love for him.  "Vaughn," I told him calmly, "you need to learn to listen to me.  I'm sorry that your jar got broken.  I know that it was really special to you, but that wouldn't have happened if you would have listened to me when I told you to get down."

Never have words escaped from my mouth to my children's ears that I needed to hear and give heed to, more than these words.  I thought about how it must feel when another can see with such clear perspective that the actions in our life are leading us down a harmful path, and how frustrating it must be to them when we won't listen.

I need to listen more in my life to those voices and influences around me that are giving me direction in life.  I am surrounded by good people who love me and want the best for me.  It is so easy to ignore council, to shrug it off and go about my business.

I've had a few good friends who have come up with "themes" for the year, and I love the idea.  I've thought the past few days about what kind of theme would be the most influential for me, and today I got my answer:




After talking with my sweet little boy and resolving to be a better person in life, we made a new jar (and added a new rock because he decided to be a better listener too).  So here is our new Rock Star Jar:

Rock on.