28 Things I Love

  1. The smell of bread baking
  2. Naked baby bums
  3. Knock-knock jokes
  4. Sunday pot roast after an afternoon nap
  5. Listening to my Dad and brothers debate (and occasionally jumping in)
  6. Amelie, The Blues Brothers, and Casablanca
  7. Cold crisp watermelon on a hot summer day
  8. The sound of Rick's voice when I'm laying my head against his chest
  9. The Velvet Underground, Nouvelle Vague, Mazzy Star, and Billie Holiday
  10. Worn out quilts
  11. The combined colors of red rock, blue sky and green trees
  12. Playing in sand
  13. Coconut popsicles
  14. Seeing my kids bright faces in the morning
  15. Chips and fresh salsa
  16. Getting lost in conversation with girlfriends and sisters-in-law
  17. Rick's handwriting
  18. Kafka, Vonnegut, Salinger, and Shakespeare
  19. Laying outside at night and looking at stars
  20. Trampolines
  21. Freshly sharpened colored pencils
  22. My nieces and nephews
  23. Old cigar boxes 
  24. Loving a book so much I can't put it down
  25. Visiting with my Mom
  26. Learning something new about someone I love
  27. First sprouts in a garden
  28. Listening to people speak in other languages