Dear Eliza,


A lot of my private thoughts flow in the form of letters.  I'm not sure why I often think in this form, but I have a suspicion that it may be because I've read too many Jane Austen novels and watched Pride and Prejudice far too many times.

If there is one thing I feel like missed out on from previous eras, it is without a doubt writing and receiving hand written letters.  There aren't many things I love more than a piece of mail with my name written on it and a note written inside.  I cherish them.  In fact, I have a box full of letters and cards that I simply cannot throw away.

If you've ever given me any card or letter, chances are that I have it stashed away somewhere.  Rick thinks I'm crazy, and I must admit he may be onto something.

So I decided to put that form of thinking into blog form.  Here's a link to my new blog:

Dear Eliza,

I feel a tiny bit sheepish in sharing it, because I'm not sure anyone would be interested in reading it-- it's more daily musing than anything.  If it starts veering in the direction of being too personal or intimate (which letter writing seems to tend to) then I might set it as private in the future and just add some of the letters on this blog.

Eliza is just a form of my middle name Elizabeth.  She may be some ideal vision of my self, a set point in my past, or even a vision of my future self.  Maybe all at once (shrug)-- who knows?