Utah Visit

Nothing is better than playing in shorts and t-shirts in your backyard during the day, then driving six hours that evening to the place you grew up, and having a giant pile of fresh snow to greet you.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.  We got to spend time with Rick's family, and enjoyed our cute nephew's baptism (holy batman, I have a hard time spelling that word!).  The kids loved playing in the snow, going sledding, jumping on the trampolines, and torturing playing with the pets.

Vaughn surprised Rick's family with a gruesome "once upon a time" that took place in a "shire called Gotham," and involved Dracula who was going around "sucking everyone's blood out."  Luckily batman swooped down and shot his batarangs at everyone and spiderman helped too.  I just smiled, pointed to Rick and said "Hey.  He's the guy that tells him the nighttime stories.  I just sing lullabies."

We had fun visiting, playing and going out to lunch at one of our favorites in SLC-- Pat's BBQ.

It was fun to spend time with my family as well.  I had a great time with our girls night, and learning new things about each of my sisters-in-law.

I loved holding my newest little baby nephews who I haven't gotten to see very much so far.  Snuggling with them for a little, and coaxing smiles out of them made me slightly baby hungry.  Adorable little boys.

I loved listening to Kaylee sing for all of us, and visiting with my baby brother about one of my favorite topics.  He brought an interesting scientific perspective and some insights that I learned from.

I love having a family, both my own, and the one I married into, that I can have good conversation with, learn from, and laugh with.  I love living so close to such a beautiful place and such beautiful people.