12 Random Thoughts about family life

  1. We're home from home (Utah).  It was a wonderful trip, but I don't know if the boys and I have ever been so homesick for Rick.  Since we had company for the two weeks preceding the trip, it felt like we haven't really been together as a family for a lot longer than the week we were gone.  One of the nights both boys cried while I was putting them to bed.  Vaughn said "I want Daddy.  I want to go home,"  and Mason just cried "Daddy...home...daddy," and I just said "I know, I know," because I did know exactly how they were feeling.  As soon as we pulled into our garage, and Rick opened the door, we all did a little cheer and had the best of evenings with Daddy.  It's so nice to be home.
  2. This morning we had toast with homemade strawberry jam on it that Beth helped me make in Utah.  Mason just licked the jam off his toast, without really eating the bread.  When he was all done, he smiled at me with satisfaction-- sticky jam all over the bottom half of his face and hands.  When Vaughn eats toast and jam, he always has streaks of jam that go out from the corners of his mouth, which makes him look like the Joker from The Dark Knight.  I'm sure if I told him that, he would think it was awesome.
  3. The other night when I climbed into the tub there was Vaughn's play sword, a googly eyed fish, a plastic Spiderman web, and a squirt gun at the bottom of the tub.  The thought hit me with such force that I was really going to miss these small tokens of my children't childhood so much someday.  So I set them off to the corners of the tub and looked at them while I bathed, and felt a little sad that they are growing up so fast.  Having little boys is a lot like riding a roller coaster.  It's fast, exhilarating, a little scary at times, with it's ups and downs--but oh, what fun.  
  4. Sometimes Vaughn, pretending to be a pirate, scrunches up one side of his face, and says "Ahrrr Maybe!" which never fails to make me smile.  
  5. At night I always ask Mason if he wants me to sing him a song, and he always nods his head yes and whispers "Yeah...song...peace attend de," which is his favorite song (Sleep my child, and Peace Attend Thee).  When he was in Utah, my parents thought he was asking for a peace of candy, and I think might have even given him one.  I'm sure Mase didn't mind getting candy instead of his favorite song.
  6. For family night last night we all just laid on the floor with notebooks and colored pencils surrounding us, and just drew.  Really Rick, who is a very talented artist just drew whatever Vaughn dictated to him, and then Vaughn colored the pictures (superheroes, pirate ship, animals and dragons-- which pretty much sums up Vaughn's world right now), while Mason climbed all over Rick and I, walked on our backs, scared us a bunch by saying "Booo!" and laughing when we screamed, and then threw colored pencils all over the living room.  I just doodled and made flowers and stuff.  It was a really fun family night.
  7. My kids keep stealing the Parmesan cheese out of the fridge.  Last night after looking all over for it, and scratching my head in confusion, I found it in the front entryway sprinkled all over the rug and tossed aside.  I think I need to find a better hiding place in the fridge, or find a way to padlock it.
  8. I really love everything that this company makes.  Last week I bought their Spanish and Alphabet flash cards, and my kids are already pointing out things and saying them in Spanish.  Very good quality, and fun for the kids.  I want to collect everything they make.
  9. Rick sharpened the knives when I was gone.  Yesterday, while I was slicing some cheese, using my usual force for our dull knives, I sliced right through the cheese and directly into my fingers.  It's nice having sharp knives, but not nice to have sliced up fingertips,and typing with bandaged up fingers.  
  10. Since writing this, I pointed out to Vaughn in the mirror that he looks like the joker, and I was right-- he thinks it's awesome.  He smiled wide and immediately started cackling.  He's now walking around the living room with furrowed brows saying "Whhhy soooo serioooous!"  
  11. One of the afternoons while I was in Utah, I spent it at my favorite intersection (9th and 9th), enjoying fresh bread on the patio of Great Harvest.  The kids and I had just played at Liberty Park, and were about to go into the cutest kids store, The Children's Hour.  It was a great afternoon, but I sat there thinking about Rick.  I missed him, and decided that he is my favorite person in the world.  I don't know why it's taken me over six years to come to that realization, but that was the moment and place that it happened.
  12. I need to get off the computer and play with my kids.  The joker awaits me.