Small and Simple Things

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My friend Janet is doing a giveaway, but the best part of it, is that to participate, you have to share a moment when someone helped you-- no matter how small that moment was.

Even if you don't enter, it's a great blog, and one that always brings a smile to my face-- so give it a click and enjoy!

I have loved reflecting on all of the many ways that people have served and helped me along my path.  I could share so many, but have decided to share a story from this weekend, since it is still so fresh in my mind.

On Friday, I received some rather harsh criticisms of the way I was parenting my children.  Though in fairness, I believe the person giving this criticism felt that they were being constructive and helpful, ultimately it left me feeling very hurt.  I went to bed that night with a heavy heart.  I knew that I had room for improvement, but wondered how much weight I should give to this person's criticisms.  Was I a good parent?

The next morning I was beginning to watch General Conference at my Grandma's house.  My beautiful cousin Ashley had come over to watch it as well with her husband.  I had one of my kids on my lap, and was trying to keep both of them entertained, so that they wouldn't distract others.

A few minutes into the conference, Ashley looked over at me, and said with such sincerity:  "You are such a good Mom."  I can't explain how those words instantly lifted a burden off my shoulders, that she had no way of knowing was there.  Here she had spent only a few moments with me, had looked for the best in me, and expressed it with such love.  I felt so grateful to her for saying those kind words.  I needed so badly to hear them at that moment.  It made me so much more receptive to the messages shared at conference which were so focused on love and family.  I was filled with hope.

On Saturday night I received a little notebook that has the scripture "By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass" written on it.  The words on the notebook made me smile, because they seemed so perfectly placed after my experience that morning and then hearing the words in the conference.  I have decided to use it to record these small and simple moments that happen in my life, where people act in a way that make me want to be a better person.

The words that my sweet cousin spoke not only lifted a burden off my shoulders, but inspired me to be better.  I want to be a person in life who sees the best in others.  Who lifts a burden, or brightens a day.  Who realizes that we are all just trying to do our best, and that acts and words of encouragement are almost always the best way to strengthen others.

 I know that the words in that scripture are true.  We can all do small things to bring about great things.  I'm so grateful for the Christlike example that I had this weekend to remind me of that.