Flowers for Fran

Yesterday we celebrated a special day.  We celebrated Rick's Mom, Fran.  Even though she's no longer here, we still wanted to remember her on her birthday, and to take a day to honor and talk about all the things we love about her.

So we picked some pretty flowers out, ate chocolate cake, and gave the kids little presents for our party.  We showed them pictures of her, and told them both stories about her.

Rick brought the quilts that she made downstairs and showed the kids, and told them about how when he was a little boy, and his Mom was making quilts, he used to play underneath them just like it was a giant fort.

Vaughn liked that.

She was a beautifully strong woman who did good things in her life.  I'm grateful for the son she raised.  I'm grateful for the example that she's given to me of hard work, and love.  I'll always be grateful that the way she lived her life, continues to bless mine and my children's.

We love you and miss you Fran.

Jane, Rick, Vaughn and Mason