Map Making

I was going through some old photos the other day, and came across a few photos from almost three years ago, that I'd completely forgotten about, that made me smile.

Years ago, Rick had been talking about how he wanted to make some ancient maps, using homemade ink, on handmade paper, and to draw them with a quill.  I really had no idea what he was picturing in his head, but by the far off dreamy look in his eye, and the frequency he'd talk about it, I knew that it was best to just smile, encourage him, and tell him that it sounded awesome.

I really had no idea what he was getting into.

First, his brother Craig in Michigan sent him some black acorns from his tree, and his sister-in-law Holly sent him some great homemade paper that he could use.  He soaked and cooked the acorns for three days (three days!).  Every night he'd come home from work, and check out his witch's brew (that's what I affectionately called it), and stirred it and watched it, and all that jazz.  Here's a few pictures:

My only stipulation through this whole process was that he keep the witch's brew in the backyard on the grill burner, and nowhere near our kitchen.

And that he use a pan I didn't care about.

Uhmmmm.  Yummy.  Dinner, anyone?

After all the brewing and stirring, he strained the entire mixture through some nylons, and had himself some homemade ink-- two baby jars full, if I remember correctly.

Then he tracked down a quill from somewhere.

Then he drew, and drew and drew.  This was what he ended up with (along with some other projects):

Pretty cool, don't you think?

There's was once a time in the beginning stages of the relationship between Rick and I, when I was dating him and another boy.  Things were getting to the point where I had to decide which one I wanted to keep dating.  I kept going back and forth in my mind about what I liked about each of them.

With the other guy I could see clearly what a future with him might look like, and how he would fit in with my friends and family.  But with Rick, I couldn't see at all how my life would be with him-- I just knew that I really liked him.

Finally after much deliberation, I just cleared my mind of what anyone else might think, or what any kind of future might look like with either of them.  I asked myself if I were on a deserted island, who would I rather be with.  The answer was clear as day.

Hands down, Rick.

These pictures are reminders to me of the many (many) reasons why life with Rick is completely awesome.

p.s. In the same folder as these pictures, I found some pictures of Vaughn that make me feel like someone just stomped on my heart.  My little baby is long gone.  That little stinker has gone and grown up.