Why Everyone Needs a Hammock

While I was in Utah, Rick went out and used up our REI dividend on this.

It's seriously, the best thing that's ever happened to me (lately).  I love this thing so much.

I love it in the morning when the kids and I go out and lay in it for a bit.  We'll look up at the birds and airplanes, swing along, and read books together in there.

I love it in the afternoon, when the kids are napping and I'm tired and want to relax and think, and read.

I love it in the evening when the sky is slipping into darkness and the world is getting quieter.

And I love it at night curled up in a down sleeping bag and listening to podcasts and music on the ipod.

(And no, I don't use it every morning, afternoon, evening, and night.  I'm not that lazy).

My favorite thing about it though, is that it's become such entertainment for my kids.  Mason calls it his swing.

So try one out.  You might like it.  We do!