10 Rules for Happiness

Years ago while Rick and I were dating-- almost all of which was long distance-- he sent me this list in a letter.  It was a list that I had copied from a church talk and shared with him (I believe the speaker was quoting one of the church leaders at the time, but I don't know who the credit should go to).  

He had written the list in calligraphy, and put it on the bottom half of the page with little perforation marks across the top.  He had remembered how much I liked the list when I shared it with him, and wanted me to have a little something to hold on to.  
He's a thoughtful one, that Rick.

Little did he know that years later I would find it tucked away in a book, and that it would be exactly the thing that I needed to read today:

Ten Rules for Happiness
  1. Develop self-discipline
  2. Joy comes through creation
  3. Do things that are hard to do
  4. Entertain uplifting thoughts
  5. Do your best this hour, and you'll do better the next
  6. Be true to those that trust you
  7. Pray for wisdom, courage and a kind heart
  8. Give heed to God's message through inspiration
  9. True friends enrich life
  10. Faith is the foundation of all things, including happiness