Harris Family Reunion 2010

We just got back from a fabulous family reunion in Huntsville, Utah.

Randy and Jenny did a fantastic job hosting it from their home (which Randy built in his spare time, I might add). I was amazed by the food that Jenny must have spent hours (and hours) planning and preparing.  Everything was delicious!  There was plenty of room to stay, spread out, and have so much fun.

Here are some memories I don't want to forget, and some pictures to share:

  • A trip to the lake by their home.  I loved watching the kids enjoy the fresh water and play in the sand.  We took turns kayaking around the lake.  The view was so beautiful while gliding in the kayak and taking in the fresh mountain air.  It was so refreshing.

The blues mobile with our Kayak ready for action

  • While driving the winding road to their home with the windows rolled down, Vaughn took in a deep breath and exclaimed "It smells so good.  It smells like trees...and grass...and clouds...and bb guns!"

This is the view from Randy and Jenny's backyard.  Breathtaking, eh?

  • The green surrounding us, and the flowers in Jenny's yard.

Flowers from the yard

More pretty flowers

Vaughn and cousin Julia

Badminton in the backyard  
  • Vaughn and Mase shooting a bb gun with Dad's assistance in the backyard.  They were both (but especially Vaughn) ecstatic about it.

  • Mason taking his first jump on the trampoline (he's tried for months now to figure out jumping, but this trip was his first success)

Vaughn liked jumping too
  • Laying with my family in the cool grass at the park and watching the firework show.  It was the first show we've taken the boys to, and Mason squealed with delight after the first one went off.  Then he stood up and clapped after every one.  Half way through he just couldn't stay awake anymore, and fell asleep in my arms.
  • Making a quick trip to Salt Lake City to see Scott and Heidi's first little baby get blessed.  It was a sweet moment having all my family there after having spent time with Rick's family.  I realized what a lucky girl I am, and how lucky my kids are to have such an amazing family on both sides.  
  • Mason's wide eyes, and Vaughn's laughter while riding the 4-wheeler around with Rick.
  • The glow of my kids faces around a bonfire and while playing with sparklers.

  • Counting the stars at night with Vaughn.
  • Cute kitties (and nieces)
Sweet girl, and cute kitty.

Our kids loved these guys

Beautiful girl

  • Family, family-- how we love our family!
What a cool kid.

John and two of his four boys.  What great kids.

(Boy of Destiny, as he calls himself)

Oh how we adore this boy.

How little John drinks a coke:  Shake it for a minute, then open.  (I swear I watched him do this several times)

Adorable girls

This guy stole my heart.  He's just too dang cute.

This guy stole my heart too.  

We love James!

Brothers!  Oh my gosh, it's a miracle!  All the Harris brothers are smiling at the same time.  :-)  I kid, I kid (sorta)

What a great family.

The hostesses with the mostest.  We're so grateful for all the work Randy and Jenny did, and for the home they shared with us.  

Even though the fun is over, we're grateful for the time we spent in such a beautiful place, with such beautiful people.