Newport Beach

Early yesterday morning me and my good friends and neighbors, Karyl and Kancye headed for a day trip to the beach. The kids stayed home with Rick, so that I could have a little "me" time with my good friends.

I loved everything about the trip:

Visiting with my friends.
Letting Kandyce be the DJ for the drive, and listening to her awesome music.
Sinking our toes in that beautifully golden sand.
Swimming in the ocean with Kandyce and trying to catch all the best waves.
Feeling like I was a teenager again.
Taking a little nap in the warm sand.
Walking along the beach with Karyl and Kandyce looking for shells.
Digging in the sand and catching the little crabs.
Screaming when I could feel them crawl in my hands.
Laughing at what a chicken I am.
Posing for some pics.
Laughing so hard on the way home at the Mad Greek that I'm sure the workers thought we were high.
The smell and sound of that blue pacific water.

We were here.

Me and sweet Karyl.

Me and sweet Kandcye (Isn't she gorgeous?  That's her with no makeup, and natural curl to her hair.  Sheesh, no fair).

Oh how I love these girls.

Poor little starfish.  A girl came by and gave it to us.  I felt so sorry for it so we threw it back.

I was going for sexy (and then we laughed).  :-)

Good times.

Best bud.

It's hard to explain how much I love these guys.  They've been right across the street from me since Vaughn was a little baby.  We've spent so many hours visiting together and spending time together.  They've been there to laugh with, cry with, and have helped me through so much.  I'll love em' till the day I die (and even after!).  

Thanks so much for the fantastic day, girls.  You're the best!