Remembering April

Early this morning I hiked up the Mountain's Edge mountain, Mason slung to my side, and Vaughn racing up in front of me.  It was a nice overcast morning, with a slight breeze, and we even got a teeny drizzle at the top, which seemed like a little slice of heaven, while enjoying our view of the town, and our fruit-and-bread-breakfast.

I found my thoughts drifting to this:

This was a picture that I took in April, on my way up the canyon to the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird for a girls trip with my Mom and six sisters-in-law.

The mixture of that cold crisp air, cliffs and pine trees, and the warmth of each others company, and the love that we have for each other was truly magical.

Picture from the spa

Picture from the restaurant

It was such a nice weekend, and I'm grateful for the memory that kept me company this morning, on the top of our mountain.  

Love you lots, girls,