Spider Surprise

Right after finishing my earlier post, about taking Vaughn to see Charlotte's Web today, I walked downstairs to find these creatures.

Hundreds of newly hatched spider babies, dancing along their silky web from the side of our dishwasher, into the corner of our dining room chair.

I had JUST been reading a book to my child, then watching a movie with my child about an intelligent, beautiful, clever, and loving spider named Charlotte, and just as I was upstairs blogging about it they were making themselves known in my kitchen.

The hair was standing up on my arms, and I really didn't know what to do.  It seemed like the universe was trying to tell me to stop and contemplate these little creatures.

And it didn't help that I now have a three-year-old who is really fascinated with spiders.  He was enchanted by the scene, and cried when I started talking out loud about how I was going to get rid of them.

So I took a deep breath.  Paused long enough to contemplate their purpose and beauty.  Long enough to take a few pictures, and to call my Mom.

And then I sucked up every last one of the little buggers with my vacuum cleaner, spent the next half hour hauling furniture outside and spraying it down, telling my three-year-old that spiders love living in vacuum cleaners and in the backyard, and cleaning every last crevice that I thought they may be hiding in.

I ain't messing with no spiders.