This morning I took Vaughn to see Charlotte's Web at the free summer movies, while Mason played at his friends house.  We've been reading Charlotte's Web together for the past few weeks before bedtime, and I was excited that they were playing the movie, and that it coincided so perfectly with our reading.

Early this morning before going, he watered the yard for me.  After getting all wet, and stripping down, he went and got Rick's hat, my sunglasses, a black bag and our sliding door dowel rod, and told me that he was the Riddler.  He told me that he needed to go get his Riddler clothes on, and then walked up the stairs.

The sight of my naked three year old walking up the stairs with over-sized hat, sunglasses, bag slung over his shoulder, and dowel rod in hand made me burst out laughing.

When he came downstairs (this time with clothes), still sporting his hat, sunglasses, bag and giant stick, he was rubbing his hands together, and told me he was "putting some evolution on."

Then as we rode to the theater together he told me he was "so exciting to go see Charlotte's Web wif me."  We talked about the book, and he told me how he wishes he could take a buttermilk bath like Wilbur did before going to the fair, and how he would pour a bunch of milk and some butter in the bath, and how he would let it drip in his mouth, and it would taste so good.  We talked all about how and what spiders eat, and what rats like Templeton eat, and had fun visiting and spending time together.

We enjoyed sitting in the cool dark theater together, watching our movie.  It's a morning that I wish I could somehow pause, just to enjoy my little boy growing up so fast, for a little longer.