Why Rainbow Jars

  • Because they make me think of Vaughn and Mason's wide-eyed excitement as they carefully dropped, and stirred and discovered what colors they could make.
  • Because we have a zillion empty Mason jars around here.
  • Because as I look out the window they compliment the blue sky and white clouds perfectly.
  • Because when the afternoon light hits them just right, they glow and shimmer the most beautiful colors against my kitchen walls.
  • Because when that happens, it sometimes makes me feel like Pollyanna discovering prisms, and who couldn't use a few Pollyanna moments from time to time?
p.s. I have to share my new favorite blog with you all.  It's called No Time For Flash Cards.  I just discovered it last week, but already I have loved every activity we've tried from it.  For a family activity last week, we tried the Pool Noodle Gumball Run, and had lots of laughs and fun with it (the kids have done it almost every day since).  My favorite thing about the blog, though, is that she pairs most of the activities and ideas with great literature, and some songs too.  I think it's a perfect edition to any family looking for simple, constructive, educational, hands on fun and learning.  I highly recommend it!