Things I Love About My Kids Right Now

  • When Mason wants an "underdog" in the swing, he says "I want a hot dog Mommy!"  
  • When they play hide-and-seek (all the time), they run out of their hiding spot to show the other person where they were hiding, then they both laugh, and do it all over and over again.
  • Vaughn will clean up a room (very thoroughly) then proudly tell me "Come see the big things I did Mom!  I can do big things now."
  • If I'm taking a hot bath, and Mason wants to climb in, and I tell him that it's too hot, he'll lean over the bathwater and start blowing on it.
  • The many little creations they build, color and paint every day
The "Flying-singing Eagle", by Vaughn Harris (built and played with this morning)

The "Flying-singing Eagle's babies," by Vaughn Harris (they like it when their Mama sings them lullabies)
  • The freckles on Vaughn's nose.
  • If I ask Mason to count to 10, he'll drop whatever he's doing and start counting his own fingers with a big grin on his face (two, fwee, fiiiee, six, seben, eieee, nine, TEN!" (and throw his hands up in the air for the last number)
  • Vaughn can make his own eggs now.  He stands beside me if I'm making some.  I light his burner, and then he makes his own with his little pan.  He puts butter in his pan, cracks his own egg, seasons it, stirs it while it's cooking, and even scoops it onto his own plate.  His favorite way to eat it is on a piece of bread, then folded up.  He eats it so proudly.
  • Both of them calling Ramen noodles "Robin noodles," and a somersault a "roly-poly"
  • Mason calling Rick "Daddy Home" (as in "here Daddy Home...hi Daddy Home...Daddy Home, I want dat, pweese.")  
  • Mason furrowing his brow when he's confused or frustrated and saying "hey man!"  
  • They both love James Brown and say "All aboard...the night train!"  Then start shaking their cutest little bums and dancing around the living room.
  • Vaughn calling Sunscreen "sun scream," and saying "Happy burp day!" when it's someone's birthday.
  • Mason's ears while he's smiling.
  • A cardboard box can keep them entertained for most of a day.
  • They will sit still in my lap and snuggle right in to read book after book (and I love the smell of their hair while they're snuggling with me).
  • Mason calling candles "fireworks."
  • They love knock-knock jokes as much as their mama (especially when it involves any variation of the word poop).
And a million, zillion other little things...