Things to Remember About Bear Lake

I just returned home from a trip to Bear Lake with my entire family (all six brothers, their wives, all of our combined 13 children, and my parents).  We all stayed in a beautiful home overlooking the lake, and had a great time.  Here are my favorites from the trip:

  • Justin giving me sweet little hugs when I would hold him.  His bright and attentive blue eyes.

  • The two newest members of our family, in all their new baby perfectness, just taking in the world, and snuggling with their Mamas.  

  • Kayaking with Gracie girl.
  • Rick saying that he hoped we'd get a thunderstorm while we were there, then seeing his face hours later as he was coming in from a sailing trip with my Dad and twin brothers (after getting caught in a huge storm, and having to be towed in).  When I asked him if he had fun he answered, shivering "I I I d-d-d-on't know if I I I'd c-c-c-all that f-f-fun."
  • Lucas's cute little smile.

  • My Dad's new white beard.
  • Isaac and Vaughn jumping on the bed and giggling together.
  • Doing crafts with Grace and Claire and Isaac.  When I asked Claire what you could make with fuzzy sticks, she looked surprised by the question and exclaimed "Well you can make anything!"  

  • James huge smiley faces and chubby little baby legs.
  • The kids cute laughs during story time while Paul read "Llama Llama Red Pajama." 

  • Mase and Daniel running around having sword fights.

  • This fly waving at me as I was playing around with my camera.

  • Visiting with my family.
  • While trying to think of a "punishment" for the game of greed, Blake saying "I know, I've got it guys.  The looser has to put root-beer in their eyes."  
  • Kaylee standing by the window with her soft pink blanket, staring out at the bright blue lake.  Her fluff of white hair, and sweet little face.