Rainbow Crayons!

Here are a few pictures of some rainbow crayons we made this past week.  My kids and I really love coloring with these.  I followed these directions, but would add a few pointers in there:

First, if you have to unwrap a bunch of crayons (especially if a bunch of them are broken), an x-acto knife is your best friend.  Just carefully slice down the wrapper, and then easily peel it off.

Second, this may just be personal preference, but I don't really like just throwing a bunch of colors together.  I grouped colors together in a sort of theme (Halloween, camo, sky, lipstick, ocean, midnight, and sunset):

This is a great way to recycle old crayons, and mix in some of the cheap-o generic crayons that don't ever get used.  They are perfect for small hands.

They are a favorite of my two-year-old.  We've also had fun stacking them, and counting them.

Fun stuff!

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