Dear Mason,

Yesterday you turned two years old.  I woke in the morning thinking about when I first held you in my hospital room two years ago.  You snuggled in right away and were perfectly content in my arms.  You were so sweet.  When I got you out of your bed yesterday, you looked up at me with that same sweet face and snuggled with me for a few minutes and let me sing you happy birthday, before you jumped down and pattered off happily, pretending to be a super-hero.

In the afternoon we were able to visit the neighborhood where dad grew up in Issaquah.  The streets of Sycamore were wet from a drizzling sky, and giant Sycamore, Red Cedars and Douglas firs towered over us.  The tops of Tiger and Squak mountain were foggy with just a hint of fall color bleeding into the green.  It was so beautiful. 

As you sat in the backseat of the car, your blond hair glowing with the afternoon light, happily chattering away, singing songs, and playing with your brother, I thought about all things I love about you, and what a strong person you already are. 

You are such a bright, sweet, and happy little boy, and I love the person that you are.  You bring me happiness everyday, and being your Mom is a joy, a privilage, and just so much fun.

I love you so much, my little boy.  I know your future will be as beautiful as our afternoon in Issaquah.

Love always,