Happy Halloween!

Rick just took the boys out for some trick-or-treating.  When he asked the boys what you say when you get to the door Vaughn said "Trick-or-treat!"  "And then what?" asked Rick.  Vaughn's answer:  "Smell my feet!"

We'll see how this goes.  :-)

Vaughn is really excited about his bat utility belt that Rick made him.  It's got a bat rope, a bat light, a bat water-bottle, batarangs, and bat spray (silly string painted black).

Mason is really excited to wear his Spider Man costume he got from his cousin.  He's been practicing spraying his webs (silly string) all over.

Last night I borrowed this idea from Vanessa of Silly Eagle Books.  When I read her post late last month I loved the idea and knew I wanted to try it.  I quickly put the book on hold at the library and have been reading it to my kids through the month.  After the kids fell asleep, I decorated their bathroom sink up a bit: 

When Vaughn used the bathroom this morning I heard him squeal with excitement and then start yelling "Come see this Mom!  Come see this Dad!"  He thinks the Witches Four came and left it for him last night because it's Halloween today and he's been a good boy.  He's also brushed his teeth about five times today, and washed his hands at least that many too.  It was lots of fun.

Tonight we had a delicious dinner of homemade chili (with my jarred garden tomatoes) and cornbread.  It's my favorite Halloween meal.

We've had a fun month full of crafts, good food, pumpkin carving, and being outside enjoying the season shifting to fall-- the cool nights and warm days.  

I hope you've all enjoyed your October too, wherever you are.