How to Make a Paper Lantern, and Throw a Party for Raccoon

Today was a perfect day for a party.  Not much going on, a cake mix that I needed to use up, and a stuffed Raccoon, who we discovered early this morning, had a third birthday today.

The boys wrote, colored and delivered invitations to all of Raccoons friends while I cleaned up breakfast.  We had some errands to do, and the boys picked out small presents for Raccoon (glow in the dark bracelets, and Halloween stamps), and then the boys helped me mix the cake, and pour it in the pan.  While it was cooking we wrapped his presents, and made paper lanterns:

Take a piece of paper

Fold it in half

Cut in strips, leaving room at the top

Like so


Add some glue to the edge


Cut a small strip for the handle, add some glue

And add it to the top of the lantern

String some across the room if you want to get fancy

And you have yourself a party.

We also played musical chairs to the tune of "Play that Funky Music White Boy."  I thought it was so appropriate as my little boys shook their booties around the living room.  

A party just wouldn't be a party without some funky music.