I saw this idea from Camille Dawn, creator of Welcome To The Mother Lode, and really loved it, so the boys and I gave it a try today.

(Our poor little pumpkin lost its stem in transit from the car)

It was a fun little project to do together (and by fun I mean that the boys had fun running around the living room, pretending they were Whiplash and Iron Man, and using the twine as a whip, and dumping nails all over the floor, while I got all the nails in place).  We all enjoyed looking at the pictures though, and saying "oh how cute" and "awww" and laughing a lot.

And that made it all worth it in the end.

Here are a few of my favorites that I had to choose from:

Vaughn's First Halloween (7 weeks old)

Vaughn (one year old) at Zion

Me and Vaughnster, Zion

Mason's First Halloween (7 weeks old)

Vaughn and Daddy carving pumpkins

Brothers (last year).

Cute little bugger.

The party hadn't even started yet.  :-)

This is the best time of year.  

For sure.