My kids are sleeping and I thought I'd share a book I love that I just read to them.  It's called
Bear Feels Sick, by Karma Wilson.

Last Christmas I got the boys Bear Snores On, which has the same characters, and didn't realize until recently that there is a series of these books.

I love Bear Feels Sick because it's so sweet how the friends take care of each other and show such concern for one another.  I love the illustrations, and the rhythm of the text.  I love that to take care of their sick friend, they do things like make herbal tea and broth, paint pictures for him, and sing him lullabies.  It was a great one to read, especially with us all having a little stint of sickness this past week.

I'm also reading Watership Down, by Richard Adams.  

I'm about a third of the way into it, but I am really enjoying it.  I can't believe I'm enjoying a story about rabbits so much, but Richard Adams is a brilliant story teller, and I really love the characters.

I'm very seriously considering getting a rabbit now.  In my 32 Things to do before I'm 33, getting my kids a pet was on the list.  I've considered getting a fish, but they just seem so boring, plus I always feel sorry for the little guys swimming around in a little bowl their entire life.  But a rabbit?  Humm.  Maybe.  We'll have to see if I can convince Rick.  Or go buy one before he can say no (haha).  Now that's more like it.  :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I hope your week is going well (and that you're not getting as many annoying political calls as I am).