Puddles, Dahlias, and Childhood

Last night I fell asleep to a rare Vegas rainstorm.  I felt like I could breathe in deeper, and sleep more soundly with the soothing wet noise.

This morning we woke to a clear, sweet smelling morning and the boys and I decided to take a walk.  Vaughn rode his bike ahead of me while I pushed Mason in his stroller.  We took our usual frequent stops to climb on things, examine rocks, flowers, and bugs.

Close to home, in the ease-way behind our house there was a large unexpected puddle.  Vaughn was delighted to see what happened when he rode his bike though it, and Mason soon climbed out of the stroller to stomp through the puddle too.  I sat on the side of the wall and watched their happy reflections right before they would ride and run through the clear water.

Vaughn had his blue shirt on backwards, and inside out, and had a huge grin on his face.  Mason had milk stains on his shirt from our early morning breakfast, and laughed while he stomped through the water.

Soon there were large bike loops surrounding the puddle and little footprints all around it too.  It looked to me like a giant wispy dahlia in the middle of the pavement.  I thought it looked so beautiful.  When I pointed to the track marks his bike was making, and the footprints, both boys became interested in the prints they were making.

Vaughn started with making hand prints, but didn't take long to progress into full body prints.  Because we were so close to home, and the sun was out in the big blue sky, I decided to let them get as wet and messy as they wanted.  Vaughn would press his whole body into the puddle then run to a dry spot in the cement and stretch his body as far as he could reach.  He said he was making shadows.

Mason was only interested in doing hand prints, and at one point ran to me and snuggled right into me for a moment while we both watched Vaughn making shadows.  We thought they looked like skeletons.

When we'd had enough of puddles and were walking toward our home, I looked back to see our thirty minutes of fun already fading.  It made me happy and sad all in the same breath.  I thought about how fast these small and beautiful moments pass and fade away-- how even if they are beautiful and we wish we could hold onto them, they will fade just like our wispy dahlia and shadows and hand prints.  But that doesn't make those moments any less meaningful.  

At home I gave the boys warm baths and then we had small cups of warm chocolate (hot is just too hot) with marshmallows on top.

It was the perfect end to a beautiful Vegas morning.

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