Seattle, Part I

I figure now that we've been home for a month, it's about time I post some pictures from our trip!

These are a few of my favorite pictures from the first part of our trip.  I edited one photo, before I wanted to throw my slow computer out the window, so these are what they are.  I think they're cute anyway.

We started our trip by driving to Utah and staying for one night.  We had a pirate party in my parents backyard, and my Mom was so sweet to get everything planned, and my family was so sweet to come to the party and to spoil our boys with love, gifts and attention.  They had a blast.  Here's Mase after the party sporting a pair of Spider Man pajamas that Grandma gave him:

Rick's sister Kaylynne and her husband Rick treated us to a Mariners game downtown.  It was a beautiful day, and the Mariners won!  It was such a nice outing.  We just love Rick's family.

At the Park:
One of the days we went to the park.  I got this cute shot of Mason (this time sporting his new favorite outfit that he got from Grandma).  I just love this kid.

Tumwater Falls
Kaylynne was so sweet to watch the kids one day so Rick and I could go out together.  We went to Tumwater falls and after had a great seafood dinner.  It was so nice to get some time to ourselves.
I had to get a picture of this slug when I saw it at the falls.  I almost stepped on him, and it freaked me out.

Tripple XXX
Oh yeah, baby.  This place was sa-weet.  They gave the boys T-shirts, sang them happy birthday, and gave them free ice-cream Sundays.  It was fun to go with Craig and Maria.

Downtown Seattle
We (of course) went to Ivers, fed the birds, and had ourselves some chowder.  We also went to lots of bookstores, a really great ice cream store that makes the waffle cones right there in front of you, and have lemon curd as a topping option, went to the market, and had tons of fun with Craig and Maria.

 I love Craig and Maria!

And I love these two monkeys too.

To be continued...