Seattle, Part II

I promise these are the last pictures from our trip.  None of them are actually in Seattle, but these are all of our journey home.

We stopped in Portland, and went to a doughnut shop that Rick wanted to try:

Portland is a beautiful city, and we enjoyed our morning there, although I would have enjoyed it more if Rick wouldn't have put his foot down and said "no more book stores!"  And so it goes...

From Portland we jumped over to the coast and spent several days traveling down the coast, and then visiting my grandma in Northern California, and then back on down to Vegas.  I felt seriously depressed driving from such lush green beauty-- such beautiful cities with personality and shops, and people and then ending up in Las Vegas.  But I've recovered now-- and have steeped myself as much as possible in the beautiful places around me to remind me that beauty can be found anywhere (well maybe not in Wyoming (minus Jackson, of course)).  I kid.  Anyway, the rest of these pictures are from our travels down the coast.

I already miss it.