Tater Stampin'

This weekend I got a bag of potatoes in my Bountiful Basket, and already had a big bag of potatoes in the pantry.  I was trying to think of other ways that I could use them, when it came to me-- potato stamps!-- use up some extra potatoes and entertain the kids.  Now that's what I call killing two birds with one stone (even though I would never kill a bird.  That's just mean).

I've actually never done this, so I'm sure there are other, more sophisticated ways of doing it.  But these are the materials that worked for us:

Good old Idaho pataters, cut in half.  These were the perfect size for my kids to grip.  I used the ballpoint pen to etch the designs into the halved potatoes, and the strawberry huller to remove the potato flesh around the etched shapes.

We decided to do the first letters of the boys names:

I also did a batman logo because I'm an awesome Mom (or I'm feeding into their obsessions...whatever you want to call it).

Do you notice the backwards J?  Yes, I also did the letter of my first name and realized after the first stamp, that if you're making a letter stamp you need to make it backwards.  Good thing V and M didn't have the same problem.

We had lots of fun, and used some spookier "batman colors".

So if you have an abundance of potatoes in your pantry, and some easily entertained kids, you'll know what to do.

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