What Does Your Nightstand Say About You?

I've been thinking lately about my home, and what the different areas in it say about our family.  I love looking at the spaces in which people live and feeling like I get to peek in a bit into who they are.

If there is one space in our home that says "Jane" it would be my nightstand.  So because I feel like opening up a little and showing you a bit of me, here is my nightstand, and a little bit about it.

I used to have a "real" nightstand, made of wood, but I recently transformed it into a little drawing table for the boys.  Because I'm too cheap to go and buy another one, I used two cardboard boxes filled with some of our food storage-- large cans of black and kidney beans, and then draped the curtain from my window because I liked the dark color of it, and I felt it gave it one continuous line (it's okay if you laugh at me).

Here is what is on and near my nightstand:

  • Gold lamp.  I love the way the light looks while shining through it.
  • Origami bird that I made a few weeks ago.  I like making pretty things with paper.
  • Wooden basket filled with books, pens and bookmarks (one can never have too many bookmarks). 
  • Nalgene water bottle.  I like water.
  • Several notebooks and journals, filled with little entries, tidbits, lists, and poems.  The thing that makes me laugh hardest when reading through them is the random little facts I write down in them.  Here are two examples, written on different dates.  ex. 1: "A dipper bird can walk under water as he looks for food. It stays underwater by tilting its wings upstream."  Ex. 2: To find the area of a circle is πr2.  To find the circumference it's 2.π.r.  π=3.14.  It wouldn't be so funny to me if they had been notes in a class, but I just randomly decide to write useless facts sometimes.  I guess I'm afraid I might forget them if I don't get it in writing.
  • LL Bean moccasins, circa 1989.  I stole them from Rick, and I'm not ever giving them back.
  • A small stack of magazines that I bought for a few cents each at the library.  They are mostly writing magazines, a few Oprah magazines, and a few copies of Mothering.  Mothering, and my church magazines are the only ones I subscribe to.
  • My trusty old acoustic guitar sitting against the nightstand.  My parents gave this to me for my 17th birthday.  The G string needs to be replaced.  I was jamming out too hard.
Here are the books I'm currently reading (or going to be reading soon):
I'm not sure what these things say about me (besides that I'm a hippie and I really like books), but their mine, and I love them.

So what does your nightstand say about you?